Pharaoh's architect

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In this book architect Igor Shmelev argues that the composition of wooden panels discovered in Saqqara in the early 20th century is a whole system organized according to the standards of proportioning (consistent with the musical tempered scale) in the Golden section. The compositions of the boards also depict measuring instruments including a "magic" wand which is a unique measuring device. Composed of two parts it forms a combined paired measure instrument which history has not preserved evidence of.
The well-known orientalist, academician Piotrovsky, said about The observations of I. Shmelev: "the results of the study are beyond doubt and represent a significant achievement of scientific thought in the history of world culture."
Conducting a study of the composite structure of the panels in a multidimensional aspect the architect Shmelev comes to unexpected conclusions about the personality of the ancient Egyptian priest Hesy-Ra (in whose tomb these carved boards were found), which made an invaluable contribution to the system of secret knowledge carefully guarded by ancient priests. For this reason, a systematic presentation of the theory of harmony basics reflecting the principles of the world is not written in hieroglyphs but by veiled methods of geometry. And this indestructible language of the Universe allowed the author of the proposed publication to extract the code that encrypts the integral system of Harmony.
Apparently, the vast range of knowledge possessed by Hesy-Ra was the reason not to spread his real social status for avoiding information leakage. The reader who attentively and impartially observes the course of the author's judgments comparing his conclusions with the attached illustrations will be able to independently verify the authenticity of the text which kept silence for a long time.
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author biography
Igor Shmelev (1934 — 2020)
Igor P. Shmelev is a professional architect and a prizewinner of International and State prizes of Russia. For deciphering of a unique ancient Egyptian secret writing encoded in the panels of the Tomb of Hesi-Ra the author was awarded a degree. As the outcome of decoding the cryptography, Shmelev developed a fundamentally new topological apparatus and the idea of the Third Signal System based on it, revealing the natural mechanisms of the relationship of human mental functions with the surrounding space. According to the principle of the Third Signal System, the artificially created environment can provide and maintain the balance of environmental factor if its spatial parameters are subject to harmonic laws, expressed in the functions of the Golden section. The architect has many years of pedagogical activity in higher education and also successful architectural and construction practice. His interest lies in the field of cosmology, psychology, linguistics, and religion.
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